2019 Season

Bridge Across the Wall

Symmetry Theatre Company's Fall Festival

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Main Stages:

Native Gardens by Karen Zacarías

Directed by Mary Ann Rodgers

October 10 - 20 @ San Miguel Playhouse

A border dispute arises out of the need for a barbecue.  In Native Gardens, Karen Zacarias has created a hilarious, warm-hearted, and fresh comedy about culture, fences, and hydrangeas. Tania and Pablo Del Valle are a smart, likeable younger couple. Frank and Virginia Butley are a smart, likeable older couple. They get along beautifully, until Frank's flower bed is threatened. But they're all reasonable people, so surely a compromise can be found, right? Right?





Much Ado About Nothing  (Mucho Rudio Y Pocas Nuecas)

by William Shakespeare

A bilingual production in Spanish and English

Directed by Chloe Bronzan

October 17 - 26 @ Geek & Coffee

One Man Richard III

(in Spanish with English supertitles)

October 5 @ San Miguel Playhouse

Staged Readings:

Concepcion by Mary Ann Rodgers

October 22-23 @ San Miguel Playhouse


El Salvador's civil war is an odd setting for a comedy, but absurdity can emerge in the direst of circumstances. The Miracle of Concepcion  follows the Castaneda family as they vigorously attempt to hold onto their lives and life style as everything about them falls apart.  Witnessing it all is their long-time servant, Concepcion, and her patron, Don Mario, who happens to be dead -- but is not gone yet!




Moscow! Moscow! (Idaho) by Robert Parsons

(based on Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov)

October 26-27 @ San Miguel Playhouse

What’s the cost of inaction? Are we destined to continuously repeat history? What are the rewards and curses of entitlement? Is compassion for the other still possible in the modern world? 

Come join us as we explore these and other questions using Chekhov’s classic The Three Sisters in a new and modern adaptation by Symmetry company member Robert Parsons

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